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  2. a loose pile of colourful lego bricks

    ELI5 What are Web Components

    Explain to me like I'm 5-years-old what web components are and how they're different from javascript frameworks

  3. dozens of emoji stickers piled one on top of the other

    Wrapping Emoji in your 11ty build

    Wrap emoji with accessible and semantic HTML, without breaking your pages

  4. a wizard conjures web components using his staff

    WebC First Impressions

    Thoughts from my first attempt at understanding the new WebC framework from 11ty

  5. Improving BBC micro:bit's Tug-of-LED Exercise Part 1: Audio

    Putting some shine on one of Makecode's built-in exercises. Add features to Tug-of-LED like audio, network, and fancier graphics. Students will learn about functions, arrays, and audio frequency while improving their gameplay.