1. splitjoin.nvim

    New Neovim Plugin - separate lists into multiple lines then glue them back together

  2. rich duck, diving into a pool of gold coins, in the style of 90s saturday  morning cartoons

    Cheaply Rebuilding an 11ty site on Netlify

    Save money and build minutes while rebuilding your 11ty site using GitHub Actions and the netlify CLI

  3. sprite sheet for a pixel-art game featuring a female mage character

    SVG Icon Sprites in Eleventy

    Use SVG icons in Eleventy and only ship the code you need.

  4. Micro:bit countdown

    Let's spice up the stock makecode countdown tutorial

  5. Hannukah menorah in glass case, eight candles and shamash are lit.

    8 Nights of Web Components Tips: 5783

    Instead of one night of web components posts, we get eight crazy nights!