1. Israel Flag

    Am Yisrael Chai

    The Jewish people are fighting for their lives. Stand with them. Put this Web component on your web site to direct visitors to donate to Israeli causes

  2. shocked, sad, scared react logo

    Another way React Breaks HTML

    Unsuspecting react users may come to believe that web components break react, but the truth is - as usual - exactly the opposite. Despite the superficial similarity to HTML, react's JSX language breaks the web platform's powerful native slot element.

  3. screenshot of post-date function (elaborated in post)

    Sorting and Dating 11ty Posts by Name

    Organize and automate your 11ty blog's post structure with ISO dates and some quick JavaScript.

  4. spider's web with a large gap in the center

    WebC Declarative Shadow DOM Slot Workarounds

    A cheeky hack to make <slot> elements work as expected in 11ty's WebC framework.

  5. a generative ai nightmare for which the prompt was: "garden gnome gets stretched out from head to toe"

    Debugging GNOME Extensions with dbus-run-session

    How to run a nested gnome session (wayland) so you can test out changes to a GNOME extension without having to log out.