Leaving Mastodon

Israel Flag

I'm leaving Mastodon. Maybe I'll be back down the line, who knows.

I can here because it seemed like a place for like-minded professionals to discuss and develop together, but once again it's been made clear to me that the price of admission into enlightened society is to renounce one's Judaism, and that's not something I'm willing to do.

But what about Mastodon's great moderation tools, can't you just block the haters?

Nope. The haters are on the Left and the Right, they're the elite and the hoipaloi, and they're on every instance of this social network. It's also not worth my time and anguish.

This isn't the first time I've been run out of professional development circles over my refusal to deny my Jewish, Israeli, proudly Zionist identity. I hope it will be the last.

Because my comments system is tied into my mastodon instance, old comments on my posts here may disappear. Send a webmention to any of my posts to comment, and hopefully it'll find its way through to tubes to this site.