1. With a frozen antarctic vista in the background, a gentoo penguin is  chilling with some giant raspberries, with a flaming goldfish in its beak

    Hosting Firefish on a Raspberry Pi

  2. drupal logo facing lit logo

    Server Rendering Lit Web Components with Drupal

  3. an old-timey treasure map with a team surrounding it

    Import Maps for Cross-team Collaboration

    Loading subresources can get complicated when multiple teams all work on the same page. Import maps, and supportive CDNs can help grease the gears, letting teams focus on shipping their features without stepping on each other's toes. It's not a magic bullet though, teams will still have to communicate with each other around release schedules. Read on to learn more about import maps and CDNs for large organizations

  4. Israel Flag

    Leaving Mastodon

    Mastodon is probably a great idea, but is extremely hostile to Jews, so I'm out

  5. Israel flag, lion of Judah

    We are Abraham smashing the idols