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Pure Functions

Functions that have no side effects are said to be pure.

Pure functions are useless, easily tested, and referentially transparent.



Partial Application

Curried Functions

Take their arguments one at a time.

Partial Application

Use closure to defer computation.

Partial application has many uses e.g. generic functions or fluent computations.

Function Composition

Reduces many functions to one by applying each outer function to the application of the inner function.

In other words, makes one function from two (or more) others.

Use Case: Class Mixins

JavaScript class mixins are a way to share behaviour among classes

Pointfree Style

Functions which reference their own data are said to be "pointed". Likewise, functions which do not reference their parameters are said to be "pointfree". With curried and point-free functions, always take your data as the last parameter.


A functor is a container for some value, like an envelope. Functors can map from some value x in a category to another value y in that same category. Array and Promise are both functors.


Crocks Helpers

Crocks Logic

Crocks Curry

Crocks' curry is very flexible.


A monoid is a type which has an 'empty' value, and an operation to combine values. Combining a value with the 'empty' value always produces the same value.

You're already using monoids!


Folds an array under a monoid of your choice, first mapping your monoid constructor over it.


Like a functor, Monads can map over their contents. Monads have the added ability to unwrap their self-similar contents. This power is called chain, bind, or flatMap

Maybe Monad

The Maybe monad wraps a value which may not exist. It has two instances: Just a and Nothing. Mapping over a Just works as expected. Mapping over a Nothing skips execution.

Maybe Monad - Binary

Maybe Monad - Binary

Wait!! People code like that?

👉 NOPE 👈

Monads are also applicatives, which means we can lift any function into 'monadic space' with lift

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